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Rehabilitación de la Mano Quemada - Introducción y Conceptos Básicos







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About the Course

Knowledge and concepts to establish the base of rehabilitation of the burned hand, with an emphasis on developing clinical reasoning of the therapist, to better identify and prioritize problems and their cause, and thus establish clear treatment goals.

Characteristics of training

  • Combines theory with practice

  • Online video lessons that can be viewed at the learner’s own rhythm and at his own schedule.

  • Mini quiz to help reinforce learning and key points.

  • Practical exercises to put into practice the knowledge and concepts learned.

  • Follow up and support to participants during the period of the course.

Course objectives

After this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the anatomy of the hand and how the different structures will be affected by burns.

  • Identify functional limitations of the hand post-burn based on the location of the burn.

  • Explain the consequences of edema of the hand, as well as how to assess the presence of edema, and enumerate the interventions commonly used to reduce and control edema of the hand.

  • Describe the most common post-burn hand deformity and the mechanism by which these deformities.

  • Explain the priorities and types of rehabilitation interventions for the different phases of rehabilitation of the burned hand (acute, wound healing and rehabilitation phases).

Course content

  1. Anatomy of the hand

  2. Impact of Burns on the Hand Based on Location

  3. Evaluation and Management of Hand Edema

  4. Post-Burn Hand Deformities

  5. Rehabilitation Process of the Burned Hand


  • Pre-test to evaluate the level of basic knowledge of the participants. 

  • Mini quiz after each lesson to review key points of the lesson. 

  • Post-test to evaluate the improvement of participants' knowledge. 

Approval criteria: 

  • Completion of all course elements within the allotted time period. 

  • Post-test score of 80% and more.

The participant must complete all learning activities by the logout date, after that date they will no longer have access to the course content and the learning record will be marked as "incomplete." Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

There will be no extension or repetition of the course.

This course is for

Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists. 

This is a sponsored course and there are no registration fees for participants.

Priority is given to therapists who work directly and regularly with burn patients (either in-patient or out-patient) and have at least 3 years of experience working in burns.


Ching-Yi LU

Ching-Yi LU




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