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Burn Rehabilitation - Introduction to Basic Concepts







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October 1-October 31, 2024

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About the Course

This online course will initiate you to the basic concepts and knowledge that are critical to understanding burn rehabilitation:

  • Understand the profound impact burns have on skin structure and function, setting the foundation for effective rehabilitation strategies.

  • Navigate through the burn wound healing process to understand the stages of recovery, how to assess wound healing and understand the factors that influence the formation of scars.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of post-burn hypertrophic scars – their development, distinctive characteristics, and implications for function.

  • Gain a better understanding of common surgical interventions used to address burn wounds and scars.

  • Discover the practical approaches to prevent and manage burn scars, while aiding patients in their journey towards recovery.

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Course objectives

After this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of burns on skin.

  • Explain the burn wound healing process.

  • Explain how post-burn hypertrophic scars develop, what are their characteristics and what are their impact on functions.

  • Explain the most commonly used surgical methods to deal with burn wounds and burn scars.

  • Explain common rehabilitation interventions used to prevent and manage burn scars.

Course content

  • Skin function 

  • Burn basic knowledge: types of burns, depth, size and severity

  • Wound healing

  • Escharotomy and the reconstructive ladder

  • Skin graft

  • Development of burn scars

  • Risk factors for the development of hypertrophic scars

  • Skin dysfunctions after burns

  • The impact of scar contracture of limb function

  • The impact of scar contracture on multiple joints

  • Assessment and management of edema during rehabilitation

  • Positioning

  • Post-burn mobility issues

  • Function-oriented rehabilitation plan for post-burn recovery


  • Kick off with a pre-test to gauge your existing knowledge.

  • Stay sharp with mini-quizzes after each lesson to help you review key points and solidify your understanding.

  • Wrap up your learning journey with a post-test to demonstrate your knowledge acquisition after the course.

Criterias to pass the course:

  • Complete all the learning activities within the specified time limit.

  • Obtain a grade of 80% or more in the post-test.

This course is for

Whether you're a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist new to the field of burn rehabilitation and eager to expand your understanding and skills, or you are a burn professional (like nurses, nutritionists, etc.) aiming to enhance your burn care know-how, this course is your gateway to understanding the core concepts that underpin successful post-burn rehabilitation.





Yu-Hsien TU

Yu-Hsien TU
Yu-Chieh TSENG

Yu-Chieh TSENG

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Next course date

October 1-October 31, 2024

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