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Three useful cheat sheets so you'll never be confused about post-burn hand deformities again

Li CHANG, Occupational Therapist, Taipei Rehabilitation Center,

Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation

Three cheat sheets on post-burn hand deformities

Want to easily remember how different post-burn hand deformities present themselves, what are their possible causes and how surrounding hand structures are affected? These three cheat sheets will help you!

There are so many post-burn deformities that can potentially affect hands, each presenting differently and affecting different structures, that it can be a little bit confusing. Also, one type of post-burn deformity can have different causes, so it’s important to remember them in order to correctly identify the source of the problem and propose the right rehabilitation intervention.

We’ve prepared three handy cheat sheets to help you quickly and easily remember:

1. What are the characteristics of different post-burn deformities?

2. What are the causes of these post-burn deformities?

3. How these deformities affect the different structures of the hand?

You can download, save and print these three cheat sheets so that you’ll never be confused by post-burn hand deformities again!