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Easy and inexpensive palmar inserts made of jeans

Yu-Li SUNG (PT), Director, Medical Device Center,

Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation


Scars on the palmar side of the hand are difficult to manage, because it’s a concave area and pressure garment gloves alone cannot give sufficient pressure. Inserts made with Otoform or silicone gel sheets are generally used underneath the pressure garment glove to fill in the concave space. However, these inserts can be expensive and they are not easily available in every country. Also, because of the impermeable and non-breathable characteristics of these materials, using them sometimes causes skin maceration or even allergic reaction.

In this short video, Yu-Li SUNG will explain how to make easy and inexpensive palmar inserts by using jeans fabric. Inserts made of thick fabric like jeans can achieve the same effect of filling the concave space to provide pressure. Pieces of thick jeans material that are sewed together to form a pyramid will be placed in the palm of the hand underneath pressure garment glove to provide additional pressure to scars in the concave area. Jeans is inexpensive and easily available in almost every country. Also, it is permeable and breathable so it will not cause skin problems.

Author: Yu-Li SUNG (PT), Director, Medical Device Center, Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation

Reference: Yu-Li Sung, Palmar insert made with jeans fabric, Burns Open, Volume 5, Issue 4, October 2021, Pages 225-227 View article online

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