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Five easy steps to evaluate the burned hand

Ching-Yi LU, Rehabilitation Supervisor and Occupational Therapist,

Taoyuan-Hsinchu Service Center, Sunshine Foundation


Treating a burned hand can be intimidating for the therapist, especially when the hand presents with many problems like ROM limitations and even deformities.

Where do we start?

What should we be examining in priority?

What do we do if we identify a problem?

A thorough, well-structured and logical evaluation is the first step in developing a rehabilitation plan that efficiently addresses the patient's problems. In this video, Ching-Yi Lu (OT) will explain five easy steps to evaluate the burned hand. These five steps will not only ensure that you don't miss any issues, but will also make it easy for you to list and prioritize these issues so that you can set clear rehab goals.

Rehabilitation of the Burned Hand - Evaluation of the Burned Hand online course

If you want to learn more about the practical knowledge and skills necessary to perform comprehensive evaluation of the burned hand, be sure not to miss our next course "Rehabilitation of the Burned Hand - Evaluation of the Burned Hand."

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